Trampoline Park Amsterdam

Trampoline Park Amsterdam
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Product Details

Material Details:

1. Plastic Parts: LLDPE 


2. Metal Parts: Galvanized Steel Pipe 1.5mm


3. PVC Soft Coverings 0.4mm pvc,2cm EPE foam


4. EVA Flooring 100*100*2cm


5. Clamps &Catchers: Aluminium



Customized Designs:

Basic ideas about indoor playground design:

 1.Age Range Think about what age group you are working with. Different age group have different skill sets and limitations.

2. Expected capacity: How many children (or adults) will your playground need to hold? We can help you consider ways to improve capacity or spread the children out to more play events.
3. Ancillary facilities required: Remember to think of things like party rooms, café area, vending area, rest area, etc.
4. Design preferences, eg. the colors you like, etc.
5. Any other ideas you come up with.