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The free trampoline area is mainly for beginners and children. The trampoline area is moderately elastic. You can master the trampoline essentials through simple study. The professional instructor is responsible for guiding the customer, and it is also the place where the customer warms up after entering the park, which has universal applicability.



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Indoor Amusement Park, Indoor Themed Park, Super Mall, Warehouse, Rent house,school etc.


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Recommended Ages

Above 5 years old.


We can send our technician for supervision.


1. It is necessary to have a parent or guardian to take care of the child under the age of six, or not to go to the trampoline; avoid tempting to surf the Internet because of curiosity; pay special attention to not being able to support the net with a hand, simple sprain; avoid falling knees when you fall, simply hurt your waist;

2. You can't wear jewelry, collars, earrings, earrings, etc. when practicing or exercising on a trampoline, because once the person falls into the net, once the body loses balance, it is extremely easy to damage yourself. Another taboo is that you can't leave long nails because the body loses balance. The palm touches the net very easily, and the nails are broken and injured. In addition, it is best not to wear glasses when the child is on a trampoline, and the card issuance on the head of the little girl is also a risky item;

3. It is forbidden to bring fragile items, various containers, bats, sticks, sharp objects and similar items into the trampoline whether you are exercising on a trampoline or practicing professionally;

4. When the body loses balance, you must not use your hands to support the net. You are willing to fall down. Be careful to hold your hands in front of your chest, even if you are ejected. During the practice, beware of waist injuries. The most damage to the trampoline athletes is the waist and ankles. Because the impact force when falling is very large, the height of the bouncing bed can not be too high for those who have not practiced.