Safety Colorful 4 Persons Extreme Trampoline

Safety Colorful 4 Persons Extreme Trampoline
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Born in the United States, the trampoline is a movement that demonstrates freedom and bodybuilding. It has a flexible bounce function that exercises the participants' limbs. It has flexible and diverse gameplay, suitable for all ages to participate in the experience, allowing each participant to completely release the flat pressure during the jumping process, is a very healthy and practical leisure sports.



Safety colorful 4 persons extreme trampoline


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Indoor Amusement Park, Indoor Themed Park, Super Mall, Warehouse, Rent house,school etc.


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  Recommended Ages

Above 5 years old.


We can send our technician for supervision.


1. Prevent or reduce the symptoms of obesity. Compared to regular sports such as jogging, trampolines are a more energy-consuming way to burn calories. The data shows that a ten-minute jump is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism and improve fat oxidation, and prevent the symptoms of obesity.

2. Prevent disease. Large trampoline jumping can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids to prevent and alleviate diseases.

3. Oxygen supplementation. Trampoline exercise is also a good aerobic exercise. Trampoline exercise can promote blood circulation and enhance blood oxygen carrying capacity. In turn, the body's immunity is improved and the incidence of cancer is reduced.