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In the United States, the trampoline is a well-known sports style. It is very popular and loved by adults and children. It has become one of the movements of American citizens' daily life, and it is large in scale, advanced in facilities and complete in projects. However, in China, although the trampoline can not be said to be a rare form of exercise, it is generally not scaled. Only the equipment of the family or the park or the square is not only well-executed, but also the safety is still lacking. The immature conditions in all aspects have made the Chinese people who love the trampoline movement feel helpless and sigh. Until recently, the country has gradually formed a relatively large trampoline park, and one of the official trampoline theme parks.



Factory custom mini trampoline


QILONG Amusement

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Belong To

Indoor Amusement Park, Indoor Themed Park, Super Mall, Warehouse, Rent house,school etc.


Customize size



Recommended Ages

Above 5 years old.


We can send our technician for supervision.


1. Trampoline exercise can promote the development of the nervous system. The pattern movements of various trampolines can enable children to gradually form and develop into differentiated, purposeful and coordinated movements from disorderly movements, which is a good regulation of the nervous system.

2. Trampoline exercise can prevent diseases.

3. Trampoline exercise can improve children's attention to learning. Allowing children to participate in sports can help them focus on their studies. Whenever you participate in sports activities, your children will be more focused when they study, and their academic performance will improve.