Indoor Rope Playground

Indoor Rope Playground
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This kind of Indoor Rope Playground is a children's development park. It is a healthy and fashionable youth outdoor experience project. It introduces the internationally popular expansion concepts and combines sports, development, entertainment and education. Putting the youth in an exciting, safe and secure play environment is an innovative youth outdoor quality education base. It has multiple layers of low rope and high rope challenge courses and climbing structures, wooden rope stairs, ramps, bridges, roller, climbing wall, tire bridge and sling climbing cage. The Indoor Rope Playground is perfect for indoor recreation centers (FEC), fitness centers, theme parks, shopping malls, summer camp schools, health clubs or any other indoor playground for children. 


   Item Name

Indoor rope playground


1.Column:diameter Φ133 mm,thickness3.5mm;material: Q235(GB/T700-1988);
2.Beam:diameter Φ114 mm,thickness3.5m;material: Q235(GB/T700-1988);
3.Track:130mm*76mm*thickness6mm;Material:Aluminum Alloy      

4.Static rope φ16mm       

5.Canada camphorwood         

6.Steel core rope φ16mm       

7.Flax rope φ8mm


Same as design color

Activities inside introduction

These are activities for children like drilling, climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping, rolling, shaking and so on to develop personality of tough, training speed, strength, endurance balance to achieve physical fitness and the purpose of intelligence.

Custom Design

We can design for you after you give us details of your place and requirements.


The rope course is full of adventure, and every rope player should wear a personal protective system (PES) such as a helmet and a safety rope before playing in a tennis court.