Adventure Rope Playground

Adventure Rope Playground
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In order to ensure the stability of the structure and the safety of the children, we have adopted the highest quality ropes on the net climbing system. All the ropes we use are internal steel strips that are tightly wrapped around high quality ropes. Your child will be a hero of the future and you will be proud to see your child challenge yourself on our safest net climbing system.

1. High Strength steel frame
2. Low investment, High capacity and throughput
3. Continuous safety belay track system
4. Proven safety record
5. Interchangeable elements
6. Expandability 
7. Competitive and interesting    
8. Site Flexibility


  Item Name

Adventure rope playground


1.Column:diameter Φ133 mm,thickness3.5mm;material: Q235(GB/T700-1988);
2.Beam:diameter Φ114 mm,thickness3.5m;material: Q235(GB/T700-1988);
3.Track:130mm*76mm*thickness6mm;Material:Aluminum Alloy      

4.Static rope φ16mm      

5.Canada camphorwood     

6.Steel core rope φ16mm

7.Flax rope φ8mm

Activities inside introduction

These are activities for children like drilling, climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping, rolling, shaking and so on to develop personality of tough, training speed, strength, endurance balance to achieve physical fitness and the purpose of intelligence.

Custom Design

We can design for you after you give us details of your place and requirements.




1. Everyone should take off their shoes when entering the indoor playground;

2. EVA pad pedal shoes must be avoided.

3. Cleaning: Clean the surface of the indoor playground regularly with a clean cloth.

4. Carefully check the screws and catchers to ensure the safety of the equipment/solid structure.

5. Please make sure all children are playing under the supervision of adults.

6. Prohibition of the use of dirt and acid corrosive wine.