Professional Wooden Indoor Playground

Professional Wooden Indoor Playground
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With the development of society, the requirements for the next generation are getting higher and higher, and the early childhood enlightenment is getting more and more attention. Various early education institutions and training courses are emerging one after another, but play is a child's nature. The over-repressed environment is easy to kill the child's autonomy and enthusiasm. The advantages of the indoor Kaizhi Children's Paradise are highlighted. Parents are interested in the indoor Kaizhi Children's Paradise. The recognition is getting higher and higher.


Professional wooden indoor playground
Item No.:QL-D029



1) Plastics parts:  LLDPE 

2) Pipe: 48mm double hot-galvanized pipe with PVC foam coated
3) Soft parts: innermost: wood, middle: sponge, outmost: PVC
4) Mat: EVA, double color, different thickness and colors for your selection


Professional 3D & CAD instruction, assembly procedure and project case or sent technicians to assistant installation.

Capacity Reference: 

20-50 m² About 15-30 Child, 50-100m² About 25-50 Child, 100-200m² About

40-80 Child, more than 200m² About 80-200 Child.

Function:Stimulated children's curiosity,exploring desire,and advanced their team work and  their abilities of cognition,judgement and problem-sloving.


The biggest feature of the Professional Wooden Indoor Playground is that it is fun and entertaining. It uses exciting play equipment, fun interactive games, vivid scene experiences and rich music teaching functions to let children inspire their interests, expand their minds and achieve their imagination. The purpose of strength, creativity, practical ability, and social ability.