Playground Slides

Playground Slides
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This set is suitable for children from 3-12 years old. Bright colors and a fantastic look are appealing to the children's eyes, while also enhancing their imagination and passion to play with friends. We understand that each requirement is different, so we allow our customers to fully customize their indoor playground. Not only can you customize the indoor playground items, but you can also choose the color of each part of the unit.



playground slides


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Product Model



Galvanized Steel Pipe, PVC Vinyl, Foam, Foam Post Pads, Clamps, Plywood, PC, Safety Netting and etc.


Customize size

  Recommended Ages

Above 3-12 years old.


This is a jungle themed indoor playground with green quality tones and animal shapes. This is a great place to entertain for kids who are adventurous. It is based on the characteristics of children, not only to make children happy there, but also to stimulate children's imagination. It usually includes a variety of slides with a ball pool and a trampoline. This indoor playground is a lovely, lively and beautiful world, a new choice for children.


S screw tunnel, Flower ocean ball pool,  Guns area, Ordered by aisle, Nylon tunnel, Single-Log Bridge, Spider net, Soft  pile, Rainbow bridge, Plastic car, Plastic rocket, Plastic rider, Plastic  locomotive, Big Mushroom, Two people seesaw, Baby car, Little animal and so on.