Indoor Playground Singapore

Indoor Playground Singapore
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The playground is a modular structure for children to play and can be customized for each activity and module. Consulting and design are prerequisites for creating the perfect playground for any environment. Our team of experts can meet the needs of your project and create a feature-rich and fun-filled event structure. All of our playgrounds guarantee the quality of the materials.



indoor playground singapore


QILONG Amusement

Product Model



Galvanized Steel Pipe, PVC Vinyl, Foam, Foam Post Pads, Clamps, Plywood, PC, Safety Netting and etc.


Customize size

Recommended Ages

Above 3-12 years old.


1. The plastic parts are manufactured by LLDPE automatic rotary forming machine, and LLDPE is imported. Parts are UV resistant, antistatic and crack resistant.

2. The metal parts are made of steel pipes, which conform to the national standards and are welded by industrial robots. The finished products are firm and smooth.

3. The decoration and stairs are made of rubber/powder coated steel and are made using an automatic punching machine. It is non-slip and waterproof.

Component  list

S screw tunnel, Ordered by aisle, Nylon tunnel, Single-Log Bridge, Spider net, Soft  pile, Rainbow bridge, Plastic car, Plastic rocket, Plastic  locomotive, Big Mushroom, Two people seesaw, Shoe cabinets, Checkout counter,  Bar, Chairs, Baby car and so on.