Indoor Outdoor Play Center Equipment

Indoor Outdoor Play Center Equipment
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Indoor outdoor play Center Equipment is a stage for children to play, not only has a variety of rides, but also an open space to give children a happy childhood. For young people who are new parents, it is equivalent to having a place to take care of themselves and take care of their children during working hours.



Indoor outdoor play Center Equipment


QILONG Amusement

Product Model



Galvanized Steel Pipe, PVC Vinyl, Foam, Foam Post Pads, Clamps, Plywood, PC, Safety Netting and etc.


Customize size

Recommended Ages

Above 3-12 years old.


We have got ASTM, GS, TUV and other ten certifications


Indoor outdoor play Center Equipment not only provides children with a place to entertain, make friends, and activities, but also has a teacher who is good at children's education to lead children to interact. In the process of entertainment, the development of children's intelligence, the formation of the child's good character, so that the child can release their potential to the maximum extent.

Component  list

3 Level 3 people fiber glass slide, Big roof, Manual hole, Barrel Volcanic Explosionsand, Flower ocean ball pool, Guns area, PVC ball pool, Nylon tunnel,  Rainbow bridge, Big plastic ball, Plastic rocket, Small trampline and so on.