Entertainment Indoor Amusement

Entertainment Indoor Amusement
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Component  list of entertainment indoor amusement

Exciting big fiber glass slide, Single slide,Rotating rockets,Plastic door  eaves,Pearl balls,Plastic door eaves,Inclined Slide,Gun areas,S screw tunnel,Plastic car,Plastic rocket,Plastic locomotive,Iron grab,Checkout counter and so on.



Entertainment indoor Amusement

Product Model



Galvanized Steel Pipe, PVC Vinyl, Foam, Foam Post Pads, Clamps, Plywood, PC, Safety Netting and etc.

Recommended Ages

Above 3-12 years old.


We have got ASTM, GS, TUV and other ten certifications

Daily equipment inspection of entertainment indoor amusement

1. Is the device connection flexible?

Some dynamic equipment, such as horses, mini excavators, etc., have mechanical components, and the parts between the components and the components are usually composed of gears and rotating shafts. Because indoor children's playgrounds have children playing every day, these devices are often in high-intensity operation, so daily maintenance is critical to extend the life of such equipment. Mechanical lubricants should be added to the equipment connections to avoid rust.

2. Is the circuit safe?

After the indoor children's park has been in operation for a long time, the circuit will be aging. This not only affects the normal use of the equipment, but also closely related to the safety of the park. Seriously, it may cause the circuit to catch fire and leakage. Therefore, the indoor children's park operator should regularly repair the circuit and focus on the re-wiring of areas with hidden dangers.