Children Commercial Naughty Palace

Children Commercial Naughty Palace
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Children Commercial naughty palace is a non-powered device, mainly for children to drill, climb, jump and so on. These children's amusement park equipment can provide children with a space for exercise, exercise, balance and improve physical fitness. This kind of equipment is the basic model, and every child's playground is equipped with children's play and nature. Compared with the traditional children's indoor playground, the new indoor playground is designed according to the current advanced educational concept, which is more novel, more close and more natural, which makes it easier to cultivate children's nature.



Children Commercial naughty palace


QILONG Amusement

Product Model


Belong To

Indoor Amusement Park, Indoor Themed Park, Super Mall, Warehouse, Rent house,school etc.


Customize size



Recommended Ages

Above 5 years old.


We can send our technician for supervision.


1. It adopts safe and environmentally-friendly paint, which is non-toxic and odor-free, and meets the prescribed standards.

2. Its shape is beautiful, colorful and more attractive.

3. It can be fun and entertaining and improve children's athletic ability.

4. Its versatile shape, diversity combination actively develops the baby's brain and exerts its imagination.

5. It adopts a safe rounded chamfer design to make children safer and more reliable when playing.