Barrie Indoor Playground

Barrie Indoor Playground
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This kind of Barrie Indoor Playground is richly designed with a rich theme. Its raw materials are mostly high quality engineering plastics, PVC, galvanized steel pipe frames, steel pipes, heavy artillery sponges, etc., which are environmentally friendly, healthy and durable. It is a new generation of children's activity center that integrates functions of amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness formed by a scientific three-dimensional combination. In addition, the Barrie Indoor Playground can cultivate children's independent personality, physical exercise, brain health, and has the characteristics of randomness, unmotivation, interaction and safety. It is widely used in amusement parks, kindergartens, preschools, residential quarters and other places. It receives an excellent reputation among customers all over the world because of high quality and delicate design. 



barrie indoor playground


QILONG Amusement

Product Model



Galvanized Steel Pipe, PVC Vinyl, Foam, Foam Post Pads, Clamps, Plywood, PC, Safety Netting and etc.


Customize size

Recommended Ages

Above 3-12 years old.

Componet material  

Tube  48mm diameter hot galvanized steel thickness 1.8mm can support 8m high  structure

Eva  floor mat anti flame and also fire protection  

LLDPE  plastic,Fireproof wood,pearl cotton,nylon net,Galvanized clamps

Ocean ball:diameter 8cm  the weight about  8g