Attractions Proof Equipment Indoor Play

Attractions Proof Equipment Indoor Play
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Product Details

Details of indoor playground

1. Size of ground (length*width*height)?

Exact size information, if you have CAD drawing please offer to us.

2. Theme?

Free customized design.

3. Using life?

About 7 years.

4. Any building pillars inside of the indoor playground area?

If yes, please tell the size of the pillars and the space between each pillar.

5. Exit?

Please tell the place the gate of the indoor playground.


indoor playground

1)Plastic parts:imported LLDPE

2)Post: galvanized pipe with PVC foam coated
3)Soft parts: innermost: wood, middle: sponge , outmost: PVC.
4)Mat:EVA,different sizes and colors for your selection
Packing: Packed with cotton and nylon.
Installation: Professional CAD instruction,assembly procedure and project case,need 7-10days by 2 people.
Advantages: 1)CE, SGS,TUV,etc.
2)Anti-static,Anti-skid and Anti-crack.
3)Professional desiger will design for you freely.
4)All new material produced will not add any recycling of plastic.
Components: Plastic slide,tube,galvanized pipe,PVC foam,soft toys,mat etc.
Usage: Pre-school,amusement park,garden,shopping mall,public,places etc.
Function: Stimulated children's curiosity,exploring desire,and advanced their team work and adventurous
spirit and their abilities of cognition,judgement and problem-sloving during play.

We have more indoor playground images to provide for your reference.

At the same time, if you have any idea, you cancontact usdirectly.

We will design the drawing for you according to the site drawing you provided.

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